We'd Like to take a moment and Thank each of you, who have donated to our relocation of the St. Hubert's Church building.  We are working hard to arrange the 4 mile move from it's original location on 1st Street in Homedale, just 4 miles down the road to Mansisidor Farms.

We are beyond proud and blessed to be able to help preserve our church building and appreciate all your help!

It is heartwarming to see the out pour of kindness, generosity and support.

We Thank You for Caring,

The Mansisidor Family

A Donation may be mailed to:  Mansisidor Farms 3644 Market Rd, Homedale Idaho 83628

Donations of $100 or more will receive a commemorative Engraved Brick to be placed at the buildings new location

Donations of $1000 or more will have a Bench with a Commemorative Plaque, placed at the new  building location.

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WARNING: Under Idaho law, there are risks associated with Agritourism events which could lead to injury or death. You are assuming these risks. Section 6-3004, Idaho Code

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