How much do pumpkins cost?

Pumpkin pricing depends on the type, please visit the pricing page for details



Feel free to bring your wagons and snippers, our current supply is available, but heads out to the fields quickly and often!


Are there still pumpkins late in the season?

Yes, there are plenty of pumpkins to choose from throughout the season, if we ever do run out of pumpkins we will immediately post this on our website and our Facebook page


Are there bathrooms on location?



When are you open?

Our Pumpkin Season begins the last Friday of September through the last Sunday of October.  We are open during those months on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from  

11am to 7pm.  We may be closed for bad weather - check for notices on our website or our Facebook Page.


Are there fresh baked goods we can take home?

Yes, we always have a variety of baked goodies to take home and enjoy.


How do I plan a visit to Mansisidor Family Farms for my group?

Please email your details to Us.


Do you accept credit cards?

We do accept cards, however there are a few rules. We don't like rules either... but as a small family owned business we must follow the following rules:

    Card purchases are a $5.00 minumum.

    A Small Card Convenience Fee does apply.

    We do have a few vendors that may be attending that accept Cash Only, such as face Painting. 


Is Mansisidor Family Farms is a good place to take pictures?

Yes, there are several photo op sites available, with more planned each coming year!


How do I dress the kids?

Like they are going to the park or play in the dirt and bundled up warm appropriate for Fall weather


Do I have to go to the field and pick my own?

We recommend to pick from the field, but there is a limited selection at the checkout booth available for purchase.


Are you open when it is muddy or the weather is bad?

Yes, but activities maybe limited. Please check the website for notices.


Can I bring my dog?

No,sorry but we ask that you leave your pets at home, with the exception of trained ADA Service dogs.


Do you sell cornstalks and other decorative items?

Yes! We have many Fall & Farmhouse decor items.


What ages are appropriate for the corn maze?

Our Corn Maze is suitable for all ages, and parents must accompany their small children. 


Another of questions, please feel free to contact us.


Mansisidor Family Farms invites you and your family to enjoy fun farm times with us. We strive to offer a 'Family Friendly' atmosphere. There are already so many rules in today's fast paced life so we don't want to overwhlem you with rules. However, we do ask a few things of you for you and your families safety and for the protection of others.

~Stay on paths in the Corn Maze and be respectful of other guests

~No pets allowed except 'State Certified' Service Dogs

~No throwing of corn, pumpkins, clods or rocks

~No picking corn or damaging stalks

~No alcoholic beverages

~No smoking

~and the last rule..........Have a Fun & Safe Time!

1. In Greek mythology, what was the name of King Minos's maze? The Labyrinth

2. What is another name for corn?   maize

3. What ethnic background is the name 'Mansisidor'?   Basque

4. What province of the Basque Country does 'Mansisidor' come from?   Gipuzkoa Province

5. What year was Mansisidor Family Farms established?   1933

6. What was the year of the first Mansisidor Family Farms Corn Maze?  2014

7. How many acres does the 2018 corn maze cover?     5.5 acres

8. What is the total length of paths in the 2018 corn maze?    2.7 miles

9. How many scare crows are in the maze?    5

10. What was the first occupation of the Mansisidor Family in Homedale, ID?  Sheep Herding

11. What variety of corn is the 2018 corn maze comprised of?    

12. What was the main farm house originally used for?   Stage Coach Stop

13. How old is the main farm house?  Built in 1881 - 137 Years Old

14. How many family generations have worked Mansisidor Family Farms?  4

15. What is the name of the Creative Workshoppe across the creek?   The Withered Barn

16. What is the name of the creek West of the corn maze?   Archibald

17. How was the first Mansisidor Family Farms corn maze made?     By hand with a powered scythe

18. What will the corn in the corn maze be used for when harvested?   Cattle Feed

19. What unit of measurement is used for harvested corn? (other than tonnage)   Bushel

20. What is the vertical stem of a corn plant called?   Stalk

21. In Greek mythology, what creature was at the center of the labyrinth?   The Minotaur

22. In Greek mythology, who commissioned the labyrinth to hold the Minotaur?   King Minos

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WARNING: Under Idaho law, there are risks associated with Agritourism events which could lead to injury or death. You are assuming these risks. Section 6-3004, Idaho Code

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