The Mansisidor Family Farms continues to be expanded with each generation. Mansisidor Farms began way back in 1934 and at present, the 3rd and 4th generation Mansisidor owners are working together to maintain this beautiful farm that we love so much.

We don't ever take a day for granted...we work hard every day on (and off) the farm, whether it's around the house, in the gardens, or in the field.  We are a genuine Idaho working farm growing many different crops throughout the year, providing hay, alfalfa, grain corn and also performing excavating and grading services for friends throughout our area.

It has always been our dream to share our farming experience and locally grown produce and outdoor activities with friends and neighbors.  We are finally able to make our dream a reality.  


Owning a small farm in today’s economy is very, very tough. We feel blessed to have the ability to provide a local Pumpkin Patch and general fun and relaxing outdoor place to visit.  We are very passionate about our business – we want Mansisidor Family Farms to be a place for any family to come and be able to spend quality time together, making lasting memories.


Our Farm Boutique,The Withered Barn, features DIY Decor Supplies, Decor, Clothing, Gifts and Unique Creative Workshops throughout the year. 


Our Family has invested everything we have into our family farm, we are not a large company, & hope you appreciate our efforts and we provided you with a smile during your visit.  We are sure that this year will bring even more blessings and We thank you for choosing to spend time with us.  

   Life is Mansisidor Farms!


       The Mansisidor Family Farms Story

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WARNING: Under Idaho law, there are risks associated with Agritourism events which could lead to injury or death. You are assuming these risks. Section 6-3004, Idaho Code

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